Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

When your common areas need a fresh look, A Plus Painting is the painter to call.  With A Plus Painting, you don’t need to worry about your other surfaces.  We take great care to remove, cover and protect all areas during your project.  Additionally, A Plus Painting will prepare the surface to be painted to ensure the best final outcome.  A Plus Painting will complete all necessary sanding, restoration and repairs before the interior painting project begins. We offer low-odor coatings for every project. A Plus Painting is one of the only painters in Michigan with the size, training and expertise necessary to offer a large number of exterior painting options for a variety of surfaces.  Low-temperature coatings make it possible to extend the traditional painting season. The final quality of a job comes primarily from the prep work. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust and loose dirt can affect the adhesion of the paint and the overall quality of the exterior painting job.

Drywall Hanging, Finishing & Repairs

Concrete & Wood Staining

A Plus Painting offers the highest quality drywall repair matched with Michigans best service. Whether your job requires minor or major patch work or completely new drywall hanging our team can provide you with options that cover a broad range of solutions. Our expert team can provide you with hiqh-quality, professional concrete and wood staining solutions. We use only the highest quality materials and guarantee that our stains will outlast any do-it-yourself products on the market.


Wallpaper Hanging & Removal

In order to ensure most exterior painting projects are done correctly, scraping is essential. Our team has over a decade of experience which has provided them ample opportunities to learn the best techniques to clean up that old paint in order to lay fresh coats cleanly and efficiently. Do you have old wallpaper that needs removing? Would you like to install new or fresh wallpaper but are worried of future peeling or other issues? Contact us today for a free quote on that stubborn, worrisome wallpaper project!

Wood Replacement

Epoxy Floors

Depending on the extent of the wood rot, A Plus Painting may replace all or just part of the wood. If the wood was installed poorly or needs flashing, it is probably most efficient and least expensive to completely replace the rotten boards. If the rot is contained to a small area and total replacement is impractical, then a wood patch may be possible. A Plus Painting is professionally trained and certified by Sherwin Williams to expertly apply epoxy coatings with understanding and precision. To accurately apply epoxy flooring A Plus Painting makes sure to fully understand potential problem areas and how materials will react under different conditions.
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